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     In the event you feel it necessary to contact me about a product, business, business venture, or other inquiry please feel out the form below. I will try to respond to inquiries promptly, effectively, and in the order they are received. Please exercise patience in response times as my ability to respond varies on a day-to-day basis as well as the customer inquires I receive daily. In the event your question/concern does not get answered please resubmit I will exercise all due diligence to answer your question, as much as humanly possible. If you are unable for some reason to reach me via this form and you have a Second Life Account please log in and try sending me a in world instant message. I try my upmost to reply to all instant messages I receive. However, please note my instant messages do get capped FREQUENTLY. Your best bet in world to reach me is to send me a notecard with the name of the concern/inquiry in the name and in the content of the notecard include your Second Life Name so i can easily know who I need to contact back.

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